A conservatory roof replacement is an effective and efficient way to give your old-draughty or rusted roof a new breath of life without necessarily replacing it all. With a conservatory roof replacement, you can be assured of improved durability and comfort in your conservatory. Other benefits include:

  • It gives your home a modern and trendy look
  • It makes it possible to add roof lights and spotlights for better lighting
  • The new roof replacement is more thermally efficient
  • Your home’s market value will improve significantly
  • It adds more habitable space and room to the property.

When To Consider Replacing a Conservatory Roof

Many conservatories (older than five years) were designed with a lightweight plastic roof. These conservatories do not last very long with no proper foundations factored in. Here are some of the reasons to consider getting a roof replacement for your conservatory:

  • Rainwater leaks due to poorly weathered joints
  • Cracks on the roof
  • The roof cannot withstand hailstorms anymore (perforated top)

Although the plastic conservatory roofs may seem appealing at first, most can only last for a few years. They eventually give in to the harsh summer and winter weather, leaving the conservatory either too hot (during summer) or cold (in winter), making the space uninhabitable. For this reason, many homeowners choose to upgrade the otherwise flimsy roof to a lightweight but solid roof. The solid roof helps block out harmful sun rays while allowing some heat and light through. However, a number of factors have to be considered if looking to switch to a solid roof. These include:

  • A solid roof is covered by Building Regulations. You’d thus need to follow the regulations stipulated to ensure the roof is per the code.
  • You’d need to apply for a completion certificate with the building inspector. This ensures that the new solid roof meets all the stipulated building regulation requirements.

A number of national conservatory roof conversion companies work alongside building control entities to ensure their roof designs are approved nationwide. They thus follow the pre-approved design whenever installing new conservatory replacement roofs. Here are some of the options you can choose from:

Strengthen the structure with L-shaped profiles

The original glass or plastic conservatory roof didn’t have proper beams for support and was only supported by the window beams. These beams would be inadequate, especially if looking to install a heavier, solid roof. The glazing beads that hold the light roof have to be replaced with L-shaped profiles, strong enough to support the new roof.

Use Timber Rafters for Extra Support

Adding timber rafters to the existing beads helps provide a more solid support system for the roof. There are a few things to ponder if you choose this route.

These are:

  • The timber rafters need to be fixed in place with proper bracing to reduce the risk of warping and twits.
  • Additional support will be needed at the end bearings.
  • Posts and lintels may be needed at the eaves, especially if the walls don’t have proper support.

Designers have, for many years, designed the roofs of garden rooms and sunrooms to sit over window walls and beams. Although the windowed walls would absorb the weight of the light plastic/glass roofs comfortably, these wouldn’t support solid roofs. This is why building inspectors recommend adding timber rafters and other support systems to support the extra weight of the solid roof. This also helps ease pressure on the window beams by transferring the weight to the foundation beneath. If you have been thinking of replacing your existing conservatory roof with a solid, durable one, the first step would be to call a building inspector for evaluation and recommendations. You might also want to budget well for the project as well.