A cellular booster is a good addition for anyone. It doesn’t matter if you are routinely dropping calls or getting slow data speeds, you can experience tremendous benefits with a cellular booster. It’s one of the best ways to amplify your signal and get the best coverage. You get better cell service which means more reliable service and faster speeds. Having little to no service in your home can be irritating, to say the least. This is especially true given how integral cell phones have become in everyone’s lives. In this article, you will learn exactly what benefits a cell phone signal booster can deliver.

These boosters are relatively easy to install. They can deliver you ample amplification with little to no legwork required. Even more, they can give you more reliable communication with your friends and family. You won’t have to worry about having a distorted mess of a signal to communicate with.

There are plenty of benefits to discuss. They do much more than simply provide a better signal. They help to make your cell phone much more reliable by amplifying the signal and delivering it much more consistently. However, before you learn about the benefits, you need to understand exactly what it is you are getting.

What Is A Cell Booster?

A mobile signal booster (mobile signal boosting)is relatively easy to understand. Once you understand what it is, you will have no problems identifying how it can help. This type of booster is generally used inside either buildings or vehicles to amplify the signal that your phone receives.

Your phone needs a signal for communication. Your phone has an antenna that communicates with a nearby tower. If there are no towers nearby, it’s not going to generate a signal. Thus, your phone will be useless. A booster doesn’t create a signal. It merely amplifies the signal that it connects with. When you don’t have a booster, your phone is likely to be stuck on “searching for a signal” without one nearby. This will make your phone struggle to communicate with nearby towers making it difficult or impossible for you to use your phone. Your phone could struggle for various reasons. There could be hills or a mountain blocking the pathway to the tower. It could also be that your phone doesn’t have a very good antenna. Regardless of the reason, a booster can amplify the signal to make it easier for your phone to make a connection.

How Do They Work?

A cell booster works by boosting the signal you receive. An antenna inside the booster has three distinct components. These components work seamlessly with one another to effectively boost your signal. The elements include:

  • An external antenna
  • An amplifier
  • An indoor antenna
  • The Indoor Antenna

The indoor antenna works to rebroadcast the already strengthened signal to your phone.

The External Antenna

The external antenna is placed outside of the building or vehicle. It’s meant to generate a signal from the outside. Because it needs a strong signal, you need to figure out where you can generate the strongest connection outdoors. Try to figure out where the signal is the strongest. This is where you want to place it. It will also determine what type of outdoor antenna you should get. You can opt for a unidirectional antenna or an omnidirectional antenna based on your proximity to the nearest tower.

An omnidirectional antenna works by pulling in the best signal from every direction. Because of this, it’s a better option for anyone that already has a good signal when they are outdoors.

A unidirectional antenna is much better for those that don’t already have a good signal either outdoors or indoors. Therefore, it works to enhance the signal strength. However, you do need at least 60 decibels to get better call quality.

Indoor Antenna

Lastly, the antenna that you place inside is meant to rebroadcast the signal that the outdoor antenna is working so hard to generate. This antenna is responsible for enhancing or boosting the signal and the connection with your phone. Two distinct types of indoor antennas include:

Panel Antena: This is an antenna that is effectively mounted on the wall. This antenna provides the best possible signal to a specific area. Because of this, it’s generally the best option for smaller spaces. Thus, it makes for a good option for a small office or apartment.

Dome Antenna: This is an antenna that is mounted directly to the ceiling and it typically delivers an even signal in its surrounding areas. Therefore, it can cover more ground and makes for a better option for a larger space.