Real estate is a highly competitive field and due to this, you need to constantly look for ways to improve your business so that you can get ahead. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of yellow page listings have long passed as everything is now digital. This means that you need to go digital too if you want to avoid failing in this career.

One easy way to improve your real estate business’s online presence is to provide high quality and appealing photos of all the properties you have listed on your site. When you do this, it will greatly improve your business’s visual presence and it will help you to get more customers. Once you do it well, it can have a transformative effect on your customer experience and increase your number of sales. We will now cover how this works:

Emphasis on the strong aspects

The truth is, the properties that you’ll be listing won’t look like the brand new houses from Vienna. They will have problems as every property has its issues. Also, sellers aren’t typically professional photographers, so they won’t be able to take proper photos of the property which actually highlight the good aspects or show off the key selling points.

In this case, the saying of picture says a thousand words, definitely holds true.

Next, there are sellers who would take bad photos of amazing properties and spaces. This would negatively impact potential customers and they would avoid paying attention to those properties or do a viewing simply due to bad photos. It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to sell a gorgeous mansion or a small apartment, having well optimised photos makes a huge difference.

Make your sales process faster

Since there are so many property listings available, most people spend a lot less time looking at each listing and they take less time to make a decision. It doesn’t matter whether you have a customer that is a newbie to house buying or a veteran, they will have certain criteria that they would be looking for. Once you highlight these features as quickly as possible, the better your chances of making a sale.

There are many property listings that provide detailed textual information on the property, in particular, on managed marketplaces. However, the chances are quite high that customers are not reading all of that information. MIT neuroscientists have found that the human brain processes images within 13 milliseconds. Also, the attention spans of most people have certainly decreased over the years, so it is even more important to have eye catching photographs. Four Labs provide excellent property services to help you if you are selling.

This is quite essential for property listings since customers will most likely pay more attention to the photos that they have access to in order to make a decision. Therefore, it is your job to ensure that every photo that you have listed for your properties are as appealing as possible.

Photos that have been professionally optimised can help a property be sold as much as 32% faster according to PR Newswire. This is definitely great for consumers and realtors alike. It allows potential customers to make a decision a lot faster without wasting too much time looking for a property. When you have properties with optimised photos, this brings in a lot of value since they speed up your sales process and it helps to increase overall customer satisfaction levels.

Personal touch

In the last few years, there have been many innovations in the real estate field. This has made the entire process more efficient. Unfortunately, many of the changes have made it more impersonal as well.

There are businesses such as that strive to make buying and selling properties as quick and easy as possible. However, that limits human interaction and its almost as though you’re working with a computer as oppose to a real person.