One of the most common questions we get asked is what makes blinds better than curtains. In this article, we will help you understand why blinds are a better choice as compared to curtains for your windows.

Better Choices

There is a wide range of choices when it comes to patterns, colours, looks and other such things. Blinds are sold in a variety of patterns, with traditional or modern looks, and in plain colour as well as in vibrant colours. In short, there are a lot of choices to meet everyone’s taste.

You also have the option of choosing among different materials including fabric and wood and you can achieve any look you want. What makes them even better is that you have the option of creating a bespoke blind in case you are unable to find a particular colour or print. There are a variety of options such as pleated blinds, perfect fit blinds, Venetian blinds, motorised blinds, roller blinds, vertical blinds, and many more.

Better Light Control

Blinds give you much more control over the amount of light that gets through the window as compared to curtains. Take the example of Venetian blinds in the bedroom. You can keep the window completely exposed or keep it completely closed. You also have the option of opening the blinds partially to let in the amount of light you want.

If you do not like to get woken up by the sun, choose a blackout fabric blind. It will also help in protecting your furniture from sun damage. There are numerous options. Just give us a call in case you are not able to decide which type of blind is best for you and we will help you make the right choice.

Save Energy and Money

Blinds can also help you save money. Even though the savings might be small but blinds can help reduce your energy consumption as blinds fit more snugly to the windows which means it helps in reducing the flow of cold and warm air from inside your room to the outside and vice-versa. You can also get blinds that are made of energy-saving fabric which means you get to save money on your heating bills.

These blinds will not only keep heat loss to a minimum during the winter months but will also keep the room cooler in the summer months. In short, blinds will make your room comfortable regardless of the weather conditions.

Long Service Life

Whether you are interested in choosing blinds for their style or for their practical utility, you should know that these blinds are going to last for many years. Curtains quickly become dated. What looked like a great choice initially is worn out and looks old within a few years when it comes to curtains.

On the other hand, blinds have a simplistic elegance that lasts for many years. Also, good quality blinds tend to be extremely durable which means they will not only keep looking good for years but will also keep performing well too. For readers in Hampshire looking for blinds, you might want to see ‘Hampshire blinds’.

Maintain Your Privacy

We have already discussed this. With blinds, you get complete control over the amount of light you want to let in from the windows but it also works for your privacy. With blinds, you get much better control over your privacy. With Venetian or vertical blinds, you have the option of letting the sunlight filter in through the windows without letting anyone see what’s going on in your room. On the other hand, curtains can’t help you maintain your privacy when you want to let sunlight in your room. With blinds, you get control over the amount of light that gets in while maintaining your privacy.