Do you have plans to perform any renovations to your kitchen? When you finally make the decision to embark on such a significant undertaking as a home improvement project, it is only natural that you want to ensure that it is completed successfully the very first time.

Worktops are undeniably an important component that should be prioritized when selecting new kitchen cabinets and appliances.

Worktops, in addition to being an essential component of your kitchen, have the potential to be a genuine show-stopper in terms of the room’s overall aesthetic. You may utilize them to make a resounding declaration, turn up the level of luxury, or bring attention to the units themselves. Given the amount of usage that those worktops will be getting on a regular basis, practicability is also an important consideration.


Quartz kitchen worktops of the high-end variety, such as those provided by CRL Quartz, offer a number of advantages that make them an excellent option for the installation in a new kitchen.

When we remodeled our kitchen two years ago, we examined the benefits and drawbacks of using quartz worktops and concluded that it was an easy decision to make to go with quartz. Since then, I’ve been quite taken aback by the quality of their performance. Quartz also look great in the bathroom for your sink worktops, we recommend that you check out some bathroom showrooms to see some examples.


Involved in the formation of igneous rocks, quartz is composed of silicon and oxygen. For a good number of years, a specific mineral has served as the material for countertops in both kitchens and bathrooms.

Natural quartz is combined with a number of different resins and polymers in the manufacturing process of quartz worktops. Because of this, there is a broad variety of finishes and colors that may be chosen.


Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of having quartz countertops installed in your home.


Regular sealing is required for work surfaces that are fabricated from natural stone or wood, such as marble or granite. This is due to the fact that they are porous and require protection to avoid discoloration and damage from water. Quartz countertops, on the other hand, are non-porous and do not require any kind of sealing.


The fact that quartz worktops are non-porous means that they also provide greater sanitary benefits. This is because they provide a surface that germs and dirt are physically unable to permeate. Maintaining a clean surface will give you the peace of mind that nothing unsavory has managed to find a place to hide.

Are you looking for worktops that require less maintenance but still have a stunning appearance? Quartz should unquestionably be on your list of options.

We have previously discussed the fact that quartz worktops do not require frequent sealing, but the maintenance of standard quartz worktops is also an easy task. The majority of messes can be cleaned up with soapy water, a moist cloth, and a little scrubbing motion, and the majority of stains can be removed with just a light rubbing motion. My own experience enables me to affirm with absolute certainty that this is the case. The washing-up liquid and a microfiber towel are the only things that are required to keep our white quartz countertops in pristine condition. Even after two years of consistent usage, they have not lost any of their brand new appearance.


You shouldn’t be concerned if you’re thinking something along the lines of “This all sounds fantastic, but do quartz worktops stain?” In comparison to marble, granite, and wood, quartz has improved resistance to scratches and stains. Quartz also resists heat better.

Quartz is an excellent material to consider using for your worktops if they are going to be subjected to frequent and heavy usage, such as in a house with several active family members. In the past, we had wooden countertops, and while we did everything we could to keep them in good condition, quartz worktops are much more durable than their wooden counterparts. Even though we had the occasional stain from coffee and curry sauce, it was easy to remove such stains by using a weak solution of cream cleanser. This was made possible by the fact that the material is non-porous, which is a very significant quality.