Homeowners that have discovered the benefits of relaxing and entertaining in their backyards often consider the next enhancement to add to their outdoor space. Backyard aficionados crave continued improvements because each one creates the opportunity for enjoyment, and adds visual appeal as well as beauty.

Landscape enhancements help in creating a personality or mood for your home and extend your family’s hospitality and warmth. If you’re considering the next addition to your landscape, a pergola is something you should consider installing for the following reasons:

To Extend Your Living Space

If you’ve already installed a patio or deck, you probably added it to extend your living space beyond the walls of your home. If you have found that you love your outdoor living space but it isn’t quite useful on those hot summer afternoons or when you wish you had protection from inclement weather, you just could do with a pergola.

A pergola is a great way to extend your living space and increase the amount of time that you are able to enjoy outside. If properly designed and correctly oriented on your lot, a pergola can cause enough light shade to make your warm afternoons enjoyable or if you still require extra protection, you can always install a retractable shade cover for additional shade. Some shade covers even offer protection from the rain, which is great for unpredictable summer storms.

Plenty of Design Options

If you eventually decide to add a pergola to your landscape, the first thing you will have to decide is, “kit or custom?” A local landscaping professional can help you design the pergola from scratch and can build it right in your backyard. For any reader local to Farnborough you might want to take a look at ‘pergola installation Farnborough‘.

The other option would be buying a kit from one of the numerous well-known manufacturers. You will not have the same design flexibility since you will be limited to fixed dimensions and rectangles, but all the parts will be delivered to your home for assembly and installation by your landscaping professional.

Materials will be your next decision. There are plenty of materials for you to consider and each one has its pros and cons:

  • Pressure Treated Lumber: A pergola made of pressure-treated lumber will often be the cheapest option. It has a reasonable lifespan but pressure-treated lumber can still crack, warp, and check over time. A pergola of this type generally looks best if stained or painted.
  • Vinyl: If you want a pergola that will require very little maintenance from you, then vinyl is worth considering. Unfortunately, vinyl pergolas cannot be easily painted, which means that your color choices will be limited.
  • Cedar Wood: Cedar is often a popular choice for pergolas. It naturally resists insects and looks great right from the sawmill. It can be left untreated to turn to a soft silver grain, or stain and seal it so that it can hold its color. While cedar pergolas are generally more expensive than pressure-treated pergolas, you can expect a longer serviceable lifespan from cedar.
  • Fiberglass: Fiberglass pergolas are generally the most expensive, but they have significant benefits. Since fiberglass is so strong, it is possible to span much longer distances without poses (up to 20 feet) thus giving you a cleaner look. You can also paint fiberglass any desired color and the paint will hold up better than on wood. Fiberglass pergolas are also ideal for adding to either an existing patio or deck. Since they are lightweight, fiberglass pergolas don’t require the same deep footers as required with other materials.